Световният саунд на Истанбул – част 1 Gaye Su Akyol

Певицата Гайе Су Акьол е едно от ярките нови имена сред съвременните турски музиканти.

Welcome to 2024

The past year has given us an unexpected reunion and now we are in the company of two cats that the universe left in the parking lot of our house last summer. Two souls who give love. And of course, like all cats, they are bosses to us all.

John Zorn and the Dreamers’ Christmas

Something that always goes hand in hand with the approaching Christmas holidays is the overwhelming amount of Christmas songs being played on the radio. Here, we offer you a completely different side to holiday music - John Zorn’s Christmas, played by Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen, Cyro Baptista and Joey Baron, together with Mike Patton on vocals in the Christmas album “A Dreamers Christmas” (Tzadik, 2011). 

Джон Зорн дигитално

Огромният каталог на лейбъла на Джон Зорн "Tzadik" вече е достъпен на дигиталните платформи...

Autumn offers

Today we look at the more important jazz festivals, which take place in several consecutive weeks from mid-October to early November in Skopje, Plovdiv, Belgrade and Sarajevo.

The music of Kutiman

An intriguing interpreter and bold experimenter, Kutiman creates the characteristic complex music of the new times, which we could not put into a frame. Today we listen to his absolute hit from this summer, the piece "My Everything".

Locomondo 20

In our opinion, every Greek summer (and not only summer) would be somewhat incomplete without the music of Locomondo and this year the band officially turned 20...