Radio Africa

It took many, many years to move towards the modern day Bodhisattva that is Boris Grebenshchikov, also known to his fans as BG. He could be described in many different ways, but today we will be discussing just one of his albums — “Radio Africa”. An album that turned 35, but is just as vibrant, up-to-date, and new.  An album, recorded with the help of a couple of bottles of vodka.

The circle of life

Today we talk about the circle of life. Alternatively, how we change our moods, habits, way of life through the seasons. Full-blooded circle of life.  Today showcased with a piece each. Real contemporary seasons. In the company of real virtuosos — all of them. at 1

From sunrise to sunset, from summer to winter, has turned one. In honour of our first year, we offer you a playlist with the music that we listened to throughout this year.

Three sketches of Kythira

Kythira is the type of island, that even the Greeks themselves do not know where to place – geographically it is a part of the Ionian Islands, and administratively it belongs to Athens. Here, we have three stories about this “confused” island. 

About the islands that start with a K...

The text about the island K made me think about how many islands actually start with a K in Greece. In addition, how different and beautiful in their own way each one is. That is why, in the end of August, we are taking a trip through them all.  A small side note here – the names of most Greek islands are female nouns. This instantly reminds me of Murakami, who while talking about the islands in the central and eastern Mediterranean says – Crete and her sister Malta… yes, that is how it goes. 

Summer night music

Today we share the music that we have been listening to in the warm summer evenings and nights. There is a magical hour – an hour, when you become one with your surroundings, time stops, and everything goes in its right place. For those exact moments, we listen to a couple of piano pieces – new and old, that pacify us, no matter where we physically are, they just bring us in one.