2018 musically

Somehow, going from full moon to full moon, it is now December. And I kept asking myself "What did we hear in 2018?" – bravery and new ideas for sure. Risk and challenges. And music is all around us. Happy Holidays!

Mediterranean tales

While winter has already come to the northern hemisphere, we board our boat and embark on a Mediterranean journey, through music, that charges us with sun, warmth and cosiness. This week we are going around the Mediterranean and we somehow manage to forget that it’s currently December…

Regarding new formats

About new formats, no pretentious musicians or how much really depends on the audience. While traveling around the world for various musical events and having close encounters with some of the musicians, I periodically think about how everything has a human face, stripped from the vanity, that usually goes hand in hand with these things…

5 albums that offer a glimpse into the world of John Zorn

John Zorn presses tonnes of information into my brain. I need months of listening, reading and digging, to fully grasp the magnitude of what’s happening.

Island Stories – about Τρύπα or “The Hole”

This is the story of Manolis and an everyday life far away from the world; an everyday life dedicated to cooking and listening to good music. 

Still riding the summer wave

Since it’s still summer for us, we’re listening to and talking about two projects where the music from the Middle East is intertwining with different forms.