John Zorn and the Dreamers’ Christmas

Something that always goes hand in hand with the approaching Christmas holidays is the overwhelming amount of Christmas songs being played on the radio. Here, we offer you a completely different side to holiday music - John Zorn’s Christmas, played by Marc Ribot, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Kenny Wollesen, Cyro Baptista and Joey Baron, together with Mike Patton on vocals in the Christmas album “A Dreamers Christmas” (Tzadik, 2011). 

Mediterranean tales

While winter has already come to the northern hemisphere, we board our boat and embark on a Mediterranean journey, through music, that charges us with sun, warmth and cosiness. This week we are going around the Mediterranean and we somehow manage to forget that it’s currently December…

Regarding new formats

About new formats, no pretentious musicians or how much really depends on the audience. While traveling around the world for various musical events and having close encounters with some of the musicians, I periodically think about how everything has a human face, stripped from the vanity, that usually goes hand in hand with these things…

Dutch stories, part 1 – GoGo Penguin

We put electronic music and classical music together and we listen to GoGo Penguin. Subject matters, way closer to Bjork, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, but played entirely acoustically, with a whole lot of craftsmanship, innovation and incredible concentration. Magic!

The Jamie Saft quartet – Blue dream

The Jamie Saft quartet – about the complicity between music, the deep understanding of it and experiencing the same things together. The new album in a quartet formation only proves the genius of Jamie Saft.

John Zorn in Sarajevo

About John Zorn in Sarajevo, the impossible perfection and real artists.  Yes, the impossible perfection. No matter what you listen to, how interested you are, where you go, where you look, where you learn – sooner or later you get to Zorn’s music. And you realize that what you’ve been listening to up to this point was just practice…