Gabor Szabo

"A talent that deserves much greater recognition." This is how the authoritative magazine Down Beat describes the work of Gabor Szabo.

Ilhan Ersahin and NUBLU – five albums to start off with 

We gently crack the door open and peek inside the colourful world of sounds that belongs to Ilhan Ersahin and Nublu with two New York based projects, two Istanbul based projects and one Brazilian project.

Winter Jazzfest 2022

This year's just-concluded edition of the New York Winter Jazzfest once again took place virtually. Together with the fans of the new and old formats, we are also listening to the last updates from the festival.

Afro-Caribbean sound 

These winter days we break the cold and ice and listen to the great double album "Afro-Caribbean Mixtape" (Payton Records 2017) by American trumpet player and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Payton.

A walk with a clarinet 

Today we let the clarinet guide us through familiar and unfamiliar lands. Cheerful and sad, new and old, sparkling and muted - the stories intertwine and somehow invisibly follow each other.

The Music by Angel Bat Dawid

At the beginning of each New Year, we look for more interesting names and look at the programmes of winter festivals. Among them shines the name of the Chicago diva with a unique voice and clarinet Angel Bat Dawid.