Shake Stew HEAT

Spring continues to present us with new interesting projects. The new album HEAT by the Austrian band Shake Stew was released on March 25.

Bugge Wesseltoft with a new album

One of the musicians we've followed over the years in his various projects, Bugge Wesseltoft, is back with a new album. At the end of February this year, the musician's label released "Be Am".

Classical mood

Miles' universe has this quality, simply to draw the listener in and make him forget about the real world. And such is the case with the album we are listening to today.


Every so-called "off-season" trip to Greece brings warmth and a sense of real life. Today we share a brief recap of our freshly completed trip to Evia.

Time for healing

Another recently released album caught our attention and today we are listening to and talking about the latest project of the Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar "A Time for Healing"

Forgotten treasures - An ode to wine

Among the albums we have listened to over the years, there are several that we return to again and again with the same excitement. One of them is Dhafer Youssef’s "Abu Nawas Rhapsody".