The album Share the wealth - a feeling for fusion

In the album "Share the wealth" of the guitarist Nels Cline’s formation Singers take part Cyro Baptista on percussions, Brian Marsella on keyboards, Trevor Dunn on bass, Skerik on saxophone and Scott Amendola on drums.

Portico Quartet with a new album 

London musicians Portico Quartet (defined for years as the "Radiohead" of jazz) surprise every time, and another blurring of boundaries between genres and the creation of a new, hybrid sound in their latest album only proves this.

Forgotten treasures - James Farm

Today, among our forgotten treasures, we are happy to rediscover music of the super group James Farm, in which Joshua Redman on saxophone, Aaron Parks on piano, Matt Penman on bass and Eric Harland on drums come together.

New additions at the end of October

This month, quite interesting projects with an emphasis on African and Eastern music appeared on digital platforms, and today we are happy to listen to some of them.


About the Japanese pianist BIGYUKI described by critics as the "secret weapon" of New York's contemporary scene...

The eightfold path through music

In the interesting project "Eightfold Path" (Little music 2021) by the saxophonist Jeff Lederer our favorite Jamie Saft is behind the piano and the organ, maestro Steve Swallow is on bass and on the drums is Lederer's old colleague Matt Wilson.