Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

The reason to listen and talk about Aziza Mustafa Zadeh is her upcoming visit to this year's edition of the Belgrade Jazz Festival - a fact that made her fans look forward to meeting the beautiful "Princess of Jazz", as the Western press calls her.

Islandman from Istanbul

This is not the first time that the electro-acoustic trio Islandman has come into our focus. Today we listen to this typical Istanbul global sound, this kaleidoscope, which is present in the food, sounds, smell and rhythm of the city.


The days of the autumn equinox made us look at several albums from different years and different styles, dedicated to this magical time, when day and night equalize and fill the world with a magical energy.

Hiromi returns

Always unpredictable and bursting with emotion, devoted to the end and emotionally giving, Hiromi manages to surprise us all with each of her projects. September greets us with anticipation for her upcoming album - this time in a piano quintet version, in which her piano is accompanied by a string quartet.

Forgotten treasures - The Hour of Separation 

Today, in our series of forgotten treasures, we look at Joseph Tawadros' deep, classic and innovative album "The Hour of Separation".

New arrivals - August

The hot August continues with several new arrivals for the ongoing summer mood. Diverse, positive music that will keep us on the summer wave. We will hear musicians from America and Europe, Africa and Turkey.