A view with a room 


It so happened this year that the summer was nomadic. It started in early spring and lasted until the end of October. In constant motion, new emotions and no internet. Every minute on the net was used for existential needs and for two months, we had no opportunity to update ideas and share. That doesn't mean we didn't listen to and discover new music or places... Nothing stays static, thankfully, and we are back.

In the midst of the usually busy fall season, having completed four official years and kicked off the fifth, we're back with a bunch of new music and suggestions for live dates with great musicians. In contrast to a world that's becoming increasingly grey. 

Today we open the door to new music with one of the most important names in contemporary music - our favourite guitarist Julian Lage and his latest project. An album jokingly called "View with a room" (Blue Note 2022).  A title that seems to illustrate our reality. 

We love the ideas and the new guitar sound of the improviser Lage. Here we have to open a big parenthesis about our initial non-acceptance of the guitar as an instrument and our battle with it in jazz music. Julian Lage turned intolerance into love years ago and still manages to surprise us. His latest project is back in the company of bass master Jorge Roeder and Dave King on drums, and also featuring another guitar maestro, Bill Frisell. A fairy tale that streams through us and brings a sense of warmth and summer relaxation. This is the "soft" side of Julian Lage. It can be much more adventurous, as in John Zorn's projects, in which the guitar nowadays plays the trumpet parts of Dave Douglas of Zorn's original Masada Quartet.

Today, however, we're listening to Lage’s brilliant own ideas and interpretations of Southern pieces that complement every day on our terrace. Where ships and boats fill the sea. Life is still so subordinate to everyday life, and the beauty and dynamism of sunrises and sunsets surprise us every morning and evening.
And since nothing better describes the birth of each new day than nature and art itself, today we illustrate our emotions and enjoy the album "View with a Room" from our observatory, continue to count the ships in the bay and enjoy the change of light ...


View with a room

The album is available on digital platforms. More about Julian Lage can be found here.


November 2022
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