Small June Escapes

Belgrade will be home to the incredible Snarky Puppy on 23rd of June, that go eaven further east after Ljubljana.  And on June 5th, in Skopje, the magicians of Fatoumata Diawara can be seen live at this year’s Off Fest. 

Ljubljana 2019

The Ljubljana jazz festival is coming up with its 60th edition. We already knew from last year that we would get two days of music with John Zorn for the opening, and we just recently found out that we will be ending it with Snarky Puppy. For people not in the know – nothing special. For those familiar – a feast.

GoGo Penguin up close and personal

Yes, there is no lie, one of the most progressive jazz bands of our time is playing in Athens on April 12th. As part of their European tour, that includes cities in the Czech Republic and Budapest, the closest one to us is Athens.

Dutch stories, part 1 – GoGo Penguin

We put electronic music and classical music together and we listen to GoGo Penguin. Subject matters, way closer to Bjork, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack, but played entirely acoustically, with a whole lot of craftsmanship, innovation and incredible concentration. Magic!

John Zorn in Sarajevo

About John Zorn in Sarajevo, the impossible perfection and real artists.  Yes, the impossible perfection. No matter what you listen to, how interested you are, where you go, where you look, where you learn – sooner or later you get to Zorn’s music. And you realize that what you’ve been listening to up to this point was just practice…

Musicaround on the run

This autumn, the Musicaround team has been quite busy. A few words about just past and coming events around, and here in Bulgaria too. Thessaloniki, Sofia, Sarajevo, Eindhoven in late October and early November.