Musicaround on the run

This autumn, the Musicaround team has been quite busy. A few words about just past and coming events around, and here in Bulgaria too. Thessaloniki, Sofia, Sarajevo, Eindhoven in late October and early November.

A magician – about Panos Mouzourakis

Autumn is in full swing. Colourful, diverse and intensive.  As a part of the variety, on October 20th in Thessaloniki we have a meeting with our favourite magician Panos Mouzourakis (Πάνος Μουζουράκης). Labeled by Greek media as multi-talented, Muso, as he is dearly called in Greece, is the author of songs, an actor, dancer, director, illusionist and before all else - a public figure. And since he can’t peak in either one of his talents, he just combines them all into one show. An artist in the purest sense of the word. 

What to expect from the upcoming autumn 2018 season

Just like every other autumn, the Balkans offer three incredible festivals, in three consecutive weeks, stretching between the middle of October and the beginning of November. What do we know about the programs of Skopje Jazz Fest, Belgrade Jazz Fest and Sarajevo Jazz Fest, as well as news from Bucharest ...

Second meeting with John Zorn – this time in Sarajevo 

The premiere of an entirely new project (5 hour long, of course). We’re already traveling with companions. We make a pit stop in Belgrade for a dose of the local spirit and we continue to Sarajevo.

The cosmopolitan project of Bugge Wesseltoft Bugge & Friends

Bugge Wesseltoft has always been an innovator. One of a few European musicians with a more global overview on things. In this particular project, him and his band, consisting of Ilhan Ersahin on the saxophone, Erik Truffaz on the trumpet, Eric Holm on percussions and the New York DJ Joe “King” Claussell...