Bar Mediterraneo

We always associate summer with our best memories. Bright colours, sea, sun, delicious food. All of these preserve the moments we will want to return to again and again. But somehow the moments that stick best in our minds are the ones we associate with certain music that accompanied and complemented particular events. Every summer has its own characteristic rhythm and sound.

To illustrate and capture for the colder evenings the summer of 2023 today we choose a typical summer album. This is the project Bar Mediterraneo by the Italian duo from Naples Nu Genea.

An album dominated by the maritime encounters that happen all over the Mediterranean. Bar Mediterraneo is a place where every evening excited or tired visitors stop to exchange impressions and ideas. Travellers from all sides of the sea, and not only... 

Languages and melodies intertwine and mix, just like the gathered colourful company - something typical for almost every Mediterranean café or bar. 

Today we are transported directly to one of our favourite places on a small Greek island with the music from Bar Mediterraneo

Happy listening and happy summer!

July 2023
Image ©МА