Bugge Wesseltoft with a new album


One of the musicians we've followed over the years in his various projects, Bugge Wesseltoft, is back with a new album. At the end of February this year, the musician's label released "Be Am" (Jazzland Recordings 2022).

As Wesseltoft himself describes the music on the album, these seem to be songs without words, inspired or provoked by the loneliness and isolation of modern times. On the other hand, they are also stories and reflections on the moments and situations we go through. The sound is meditative and inward focused, yet allowed to soar freely without constraints. The acoustic piano changes or mixes with electronic sounds in an expression of the musician's free spirit. Håkon Kornstad on saxophone provides company for several of Bugge's pieces. Duets that appear as a counterpoint to Wesseltoft's solos.

The beautiful Scandinavian sound dominates throughout the album, letting the listener's mind travel at will.

We have had the opportunity over the years to listen to Bugge Wesseltoft live, and it is in such places that one forms the clearest opinion of any artist. He himself is a warm broadminded and curious experimenter. When we met in person at the Lale Plak music store in Istanbul, he was carrying a huge stack of CDs under his arm and the conversation revolved of course around music. And also about Wesseltoft's favorite Istanbul.  
Outside of his solo projects, Bugge has in recent years played in several interesting formations with a more electronic sound, which include musicians such as Ilhan Ersahin and Erik Truffaz in his project "Bugge and Friends" or former members of e.s.t. Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström in the super trio Rymden. So it's interesting to listen again to a solo album in which Wesseltoft narrates and plays out thoughts and emotions without putting up barriers.

And as one fan says about the album in the comments, "Bugge Wesseltoft's music has the unique quality of beautifying you, the listener".

You can find the album Be Am on all digital platforms. 


March 2022
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