Classical mood


During this lingering winter, we are forced to go through these difficult days, turning to the music of Miles Davis and a live album from almost 60 years ago. Miles' universe has this quality, simply to draw the listener in and make him forget about the real world. And such is the case with the album we are listening to today - a recording of the concert from October 11th, 1964 in Milan. Miles Davis is accompanied by Wayne Shorter on saxophone, Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Tony Williams on drums. Even when one reads the names of the musicians listed one after the other, one is amazed at the gathering of such masters together.

The program of the concert consists of five classical pieces, which are still relevant and exciting today. Among them are "Autumn Leaves" and "My Funny Valentine", but played each time differently and with new nuances. The mood of those relatively "carefree" times prevails and only the pure pleasure of listening remains. With great musicians, things happen somehow easily and without tension, like a game. And maybe that's why they make their listeners fly with them.

And today this is just the charge we need. 


Miles Davis Quintet – Live at Teatro dell’Arte Milano, Italy, October 11, 1964

March 2022
Image ©МА