The days of the autumn equinox made us look at several albums from different years and different styles, dedicated to this magical time, when day and night equalize and fill the world with a magical energy.

Today we look at the equinox through the eyes of four completely different artists who wrote in different years, in different cities and even on different continents. All pieces carry this mysterious energy, which is contained in the equal hours between day and night. They invite self-absorption and search.

We begin with the first piece that goes by the same name - the classic "Equinox" by John Coltrane, released in 1964. Music with a very personal charge for Coltrane himself, born on the day of the autumn equinox on September 23.

John Coltrane

Then we move to Brazil with the music of Sergio Mendes and his band Brasil’66. The classical bossa nova "Cinnamon And Clove" from their 1967 album "Equinox" shows us what the equinox looks like there.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil’66.

Of course, we cannot miss Jean-Michel Jarre's wonderful and innovative album - the second in a row in his discography - "Equinox", recorded in 1978 in Paris. An album that set a Guinness World Record for the number of live audiences, exceeding one million for the first time in history. When one listens to this music more than 40 years later, one never ceases to be amazed at how many progressive ideas there are in Jarre's head back in those years.

Jean-Michel Jarre.

For the finale, we move to St. Petersburg and the magical album by Aquarium "Equinox" from 1987 - their first official album, released on vinyl. As is the case with most of the band's studio albums, the recording of this one was not without difficulties and obstacles. But the final result to this day remains one of the most listened to works by Boris Grebenshchikov and the musicians. The unique mysterious sound, the chants in Celtic languages, the mixture of religions and myths create a mystical world that the listener wants to explore again and again.


And the shortening days and the long nights are a fertile environment for the listener to turn towards any direction he wants.


September 2021

Image © MA