Every so-called "off-season" trip to Greece brings warmth and a sense of real life. And since we often do just that - we tour or return to favorite places in winter and early spring, today we share a brief recap of our freshly completed trip to Evia.

The northern part of the island of Evia, where the town of Loutra Aidipsou is located, has been known for thousands of years for its mineral springs with a variety of temperatures and properties. Among the celebrities who came here to treat diseases with water throughout the years were Churchill and Greta Garbo. The beautiful style of the buildings from the beginning of the 20th century and the unique shapes of the rocks, obtained as a result of the constantly springing and flowing hot water, impress every time.

A fun moment during the cold months is what we jokingly call "external heating". The hot water flowing from pipes and streams or the steam coming out of each shaft heats the air in one part of the city and one has the feeling that external heating really works (which is de facto so!). The natural mineral pools, which are formed in rocks by the water, are fully accessible at any time of the year and even expanded last winter. Thus, one can get into natural baths on the beach at any time of the day and during every season and simply choose the water temperature. For the more heat-loving - there are pools right next to springs with hot water, and for lovers of moderate temperatures - there are the ones, in which the spring water is cooled by the coming sea waves.

In addition, the streets of the city are full of palm trees, eucalyptus and citrus. In addition, citrus fruits have already given birth in the winter and early spring and the trees are full of lemons, oranges and tangerines.

The inhabitants of this heavenly place are famous for their extraordinary courtesy and hospitality. Proof of this is every departure from the city, inevitably accompanied by gifts from our local hosts. This week, as a souvenir, we received a huge amount of freshly picked lemons from a nearby garden. And it was the sparkling yellow color, the wonderful aroma and freshness of these lemons that we brought home. As a memory of the good old days, but also as a hope for their return. Because while the trees are giving birth and the grass is green again, while the sea caresses or bites the shores of the earth - until then we will not refuse to expect the new harvest of lemons next year.

Our memories are complemented by a serious man standing on the beach with a kite in his hands, who is preparing for the Greek holiday "Clean Monday" and the first day of the Easter Lent. On this day, people release kites as a symbol of the beginning of life outside. And Nana Mouskouri can be heard on the radio…

March 2022
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