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A strange feeling is the presence of traditional autumn jazz festivals - this time online. Music has never been so close and yet so far away.

Until before this fall at that time, we were still with backpacks ready for walks around the festivals. We're not giving up on the idea - we're just doing it online this year.

Today we talk about the autumn festivals you can visit from your living room, over the phone or via devices with good sound.

The week offers a busy program and two overlapping festivals with a strong program.

So, in order:

The latest edition of the London Jazz Fest started on the 13th. This year it is full of concerts with free online access. Every day with live coverage that makes us be a part of the music.

Last week we listened to the great musicians from Vilnius Improdimensija Orchestra and the Dainius Pulauskas Trio (with a bow to the spirit of Sergei Kurekhin, the avant-garde group Auction and John Zorn), followed by the London-based trio Glasshopper, as well as our favorites Vincent Peirani and Émile Parisien. After so many meetings with the two ingenious Frenchmen live, we can safely say that emotion and depth are still here. They blow up and carry you away. Memories flood in both of Peirani, who, because of his height, was walking bent over through the low-ceilinged buildings in Istanbul before sitting down and playing, and of Parisien, who was invited to improvise in Belgrade and played as if he were at a Balkan wedding - from the heart and until the end… Two wizards. Here is the place to say - do not be surprised by the barefoot Peirani - this is part of his magic.

And we begin the visualization of the London Jazz Fest from end to beginning with the brilliant 30-minute set of Peirani and Parisien, followed by the innovators Glasshopper and for the final jazz from Vilnius.

This weekend we will also enjoy the usually late gig of Istanbul Sessions by Ilhan Ershahin (as if they do it live, as usual from 11.30 pm until the end) as part of the Istanbul Psychedelic project. You can join the live viewing here.

You can follow the London Jazz Fest, which lasts until November 23, on their social media accounts and on their YouTube channel.

On the other hand, the 24th Sarajevo Jazz Festival, which started yesterday and is fully accessible online, offers a busy weekend as well with new and old, familiar and new musicians, but also with new projects. Here we listen to the opening concert of the pianist Adis Sirbubalo

In short, you will not be bored this November weekend. Follow us on Facebook for up-to-date information. As well as the profiles of London jazz fest and Sarajevo jazz fest.

And in December, the Belgrade Jazz Fest will be online…

November 2020

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