Rollin' by Erik Truffaz

May offers a number of new releases and interesting projects. Among them, this week we choose the latest album by our favourite French trumpeter Eric Truffaz "Rollin'" (Blue Note 2023).

Cookin’ On 3 Burners

We enter the first real spring month with fresh music from Australian trio Cookin' On 3 Burners.

New Names – Sao Paolo Panic

Among this year's participants at annual conference Jazzahead!, the Brazilian band Sao Paolo Panic attracts our attention.

Позабравени богатства - McCoy Tyner Sahara

Днес в рубриката ни „Позабравени богатства“ се връщаме към брилянтния албум на Маккой Тайнър „Сахара“. Албум, който вече е на 50 години, но е все така актуален и вълнуващ.

Soundtrack by Hiromi

Today we are virtually transported to the cinema and listen to the soundtrack of the newly released full-length version of one of Japan's most famous manga series, The Blue Giant. The music is written by Hiromi.


We rarely pay attention to electronic artists, but there are frankly a lot of interesting ideas and surprises hidden in the hybrid style that Stavroz offer.