22 pieces from 2022 – part II

Today we continue our journey through 2022 with eleven more pieces that capture the memories of the months that have gone by.

22 pieces of 2022 – part I

As we do every December, we're collecting the music that has energized us over the past year. This time, we're going to split it into two parts of 11 pieces that we lived and traveled with throughout the year.

Hello December 

Our December is colourful and full of old acquaintances and new discoveries, vibrant and particoloured. Make yourself comfortable, put on your warm socks and travel mentally across lands and continents like we do.

One different accordion 

The barefoot rebel Vincent Peirani (he always plays barefoot during his concerts and live shows), who refuses to accept restrictions, today gives us a contemporary voice on the accordion.

A view with a room 

It so happened this year that the summer was nomadic. That doesn't mean we didn't listen to and discover new music or places... Today we open the door to new music with one of the most important names in contemporary music - our favourite guitarist Julian Lage and his latest project.

New standard from Joseph Tawadros

This summer's exciting surprises continue with Joseph Tawadros' new album “Hope in an Empty City”, which straddles all genres and standards and could best be defined as contemporary chamber music.