A walk with a clarinet 

Today we let the clarinet guide us through familiar and unfamiliar lands. Cheerful and sad, new and old, sparkling and muted - the stories intertwine and somehow invisibly follow each other.

The Music by Angel Bat Dawid

At the beginning of each New Year, we look for more interesting names and look at the programmes of winter festivals. Among them shines the name of the Chicago diva with a unique voice and clarinet Angel Bat Dawid.

Mediterranean tales and tango

The New Year begins with the magical album by Gianni Iorio and Pasquale Stafano, called "Mediterranean Tales" (Enja 2020).

2021 in music - autumn 

This week we are listening to the last, autumn part of the music of 2021. Looking forward to many exciting projects and new live meetings with interesting musicians in 2022 and we wish you happy holidays!

2021 in music - summer

This week we continue with the summer part of the music of 2021. We illustrate it with colorful music and we are once again on our way through cities, countries and continents.

2021 in music - spring

As every year, at the end of this one we collect the new music that was interesting to us. This week we continue with the second part - the spring of 2021.