Soundtrack by Hiromi


This week we are virtually transported to the cinema and listen to the soundtrack of the newly released full-length version of one of Japan's most famous manga series, The Blue Giant. The series follows the journey of young Miyamoto Dai, who dreams of becoming the best saxophonist of his time. This is the backbone of the story. The screen adaptation of this traditional story was realized very recently and surprised us with an unusually beautiful, sincere and very jazzy soundtrack. We are not surprised as behind it is the great star of Japanese and world jazz, pianist and composer Hiromi Uehara.

And in this work, Hiromi retains her inherent zest for life, dynamism, colour, humour, understanding and immersion in deep harmony. Here, however, for the first time, she steps out of the purely musical realm and tells the story of Miyamoto Dai through music. She tells it so well that the Japanese press took the liberty of noting that the soundtrack appeals far more than the screen adaptation itself. So much so that you immediately run to a nearby store and buy it.

The good thing is that the soundtrack to Blue Giant is available digitally and we are already captivated by this beautiful, soft and warm story.


Blue Giant

February 2023