Winter is beginning to recede and the long awaited spring is around the corner. With more sunny hours, the mood naturally improves. To illustrate this gradual shift, today we listen to music from the Belgians from Stavroz. The guys from Ghent are an example of storytelling through music. It is the cinematic aspect of each of their pieces that make their ideas timeless. We rarely pay attention to electronic artists, but there are frankly a lot of interesting ideas and surprises hidden in the hybrid style that Stavroz offer.

The listener can either let go of the stories the musicians tell, or take the music as a basis for their own journey or daydream. To experience sunrises and sunsets, snowy winters or warm summer seas. It all depends on the imagination and mood. 

The Stavroz quartet started their journey 11 years ago as a pure DJ project, building on the concept over the years to get to their latest albums, which undoubtedly top the European electronic music charts. 

To kick things off today we listen to the single The Finishing from their extensive discography.

After that we go on a journey with their hypnotic last album Mindibu.


The albums by Stavroz can be found across digital platforms. 


February 2023
Image ©МА