5 albums that offer a glimpse into the world of John Zorn

John Zorn presses tonnes of information into my brain. I need months of listening, reading and digging, to fully grasp the magnitude of what’s happening.

Island Stories – about Τρύπα or “The Hole”

This is the story of Manolis and an everyday life far away from the world; an everyday life dedicated to cooking and listening to good music. 

Still riding the summer wave

Since it’s still summer for us, we’re listening to and talking about two projects where the music from the Middle East is intertwining with different forms. 

Snarky Puppy. A story about Michael League and his orchestra 

Years ago, at a bar in Rhodes, while sitting under a fan, hanging from a tree we struck up a conversation with the boy at the bar – a bass player (and in Greece the staff has always studied something different to what they are doing). He overheard us talking about music and asked – Have you heard of Snarky Puppy? And I most definitely had…

News from 2018 – Read More, Listen More

The year starts off with two very interesting projects that are totally different from one another.  The first one is the new, fourth album of GoGo Penguin “A Humdrum Star” – their second album under the Blue Note label.. The second interesting project is David Murray’s “Blues for Memo”, featuring Saul Williams.

A message to jazz from David Bowie

David Bowie is one of the people that have formed the musical taste of generations – innovator, aesthete, gentleman, pioneer, knowing no boundaries and always one step ahead…