Cycladic Reportage

The Cyclades are declared the most commercial and visited part of the Greek seas. This summer the Cyclades showed us their other, cozy side.


Every so-called "off-season" trip to Greece brings warmth and a sense of real life. Today we share a brief recap of our freshly completed trip to Evia.

Ilhan Ersahin and NUBLU – five albums to start off with 

We gently crack the door open and peek inside the colourful world of sounds that belongs to Ilhan Ersahin and Nublu with two New York based projects, two Istanbul based projects and one Brazilian project.


The days of the autumn equinox made us look at several albums from different years and different styles, dedicated to this magical time, when day and night equalize and fill the world with a magical energy.

The rebel hermit Mamonov

Pyotr Mamonov - a true contemporary rebel and poet, idealist and cynic. Whether he is a poet or an actor, a visionary or a punk… Mamonov himself, like any truly profound man of art, goes through extreme phases - from the underground to recognition, through rivers of alcohol and drugs to the Orthodox faith and hermitage. This way to humility and wisdom.

Wind in the sails or Aquarium’s new song 

Every song by Boris Grebenshchikov and Aquarium is a puzzle. Such is also the last one. After the song came to life, the author has to explain what is behind the encrypted names and words.