Music as a leading character

In each of Fatih Akin's movies there is another leading character - the music. It is with her today in our playlist that we travel through the sad and happy world of the director. Where pain and joy, reality and dreams come together.

New formats Akustikhane

The new reality did not stop the musicians at all, on the contrary - it challenged them to find new forms. Today about the wonderful Istanbul project Across by Akustikhane, the program in which old and well-known musicians and friends improvise, without a live audience.


A peaceful Christmas to all, and let there be invisible snowflakes, just like in the music of Tchaikovsky! A cosy warm place and favourite people. Happy Holidays!

The different 2020

And this winter, with New Year's Eve approaching, we collect the music we listened to during 2020 - the year of masks, distance, tests. But also a year of optimism and compassion. A year in which the world lost some of its innocence, but also to become more united and empathetic.

Aegean blues

The blues of the Aegean or the blues of the Mediterranean - that's what music critics call an album that found us in Ayvalik. Today we listen to Çiğdem Aslan - a singer about whom the press says: "She hides both a lioness and a nightingale."


This playlist took quite some time to conceive. Today we will listen to different, colourful, unpopular music. Music that moves on a weird, but continuous axis - Africa, Japan, Brazil, through Lebanon to Turkey, and somewhere in the midst of things some Berlin vibes also get added.