Glass of wine

‘’Happiness is a simple thing: a glass of wine, roasted chestnuts, the sound of the sea…’' That’s how Kazantzakis describes happiness...


And just like that time has passed and it has officially been two years since we launched and it’s our birthday.

Sea Blue

Today our story starts with an unexpected journey on dry land, air and water to our favorite islands in the Southeastern Aegean Sea - where Greece and Turkey meet each other. 


Each sailing trip clears the colours. It enters the emotions and the perception with a different dynamic. Sunset - sunrise. Blue waters and living as if it is the last day. Constant movement. A wise sea dog and music of the universe...


While we are sailing through the Sporades yet again with the help of the suddenly changing wind, we think how quickly things can turn upside down. It takes seconds. 

Maestro M

This week Ennio Morricone headed to a better place. Today we bow down to his work, through the eyes of another grand maestro (as said by Morricone himself) - John Zorn.