About Morocco

Casablanca. The white houses and the cozy southern chaos, that you either accept or reject. Nightingale songs in a blossoming orange garden. Sunsets in the ocean during a low tide is when you see all the beauty in the world. And we drive through deserts and mountains and we clash with the local reality. Today we are in Morocco.

Yakamoz - sparks in the sea

Yakamoz is the word used to describe the glowing plankton in the southern sea. And everyone that encounters this sight for the first time can’t believe the magic. The story takes place where the Aegean Sea becomes the Mediterranean, and everything is an organized mess. Today we have an Anatolian story, that softens us up and makes us laugh at the same time. 

To bathe in the sky 

A quote by the French novelist Romain Gary hasn’t left my head: “Nothing can stop people from coming to Greece, but the typhus”. Greece, where you can bathe in the sky and the gods keep walking on the ground, according to Henry Miller. 

Amore Mio

​​​​​​​There is something special about early and belated sailing, those outside the season and the hot summer. During May and June, as well as after the middle of September, all the tourist boats disappear, and only the truly devoted to the sea remain.


The thing with curiosity is that it can open many doors for you, but it can also put you in a corner. Today we talk about its many faces, where it takes us, and how we cannot control it. 

March inconsistency 

March is sudden and unpredictable. Today’s warm and sunny weather suddenly changes to heavy snow the next day, and the following days the sun comes back to us. Today we attempted to describe March with a couple of songs, that carry the same confused energy as the month.