An evening in Berlin 

"Cathedrals of Culture" by Wim Wenders starts off with a bit about the Berlin Philharmonic as one of the places in the world that are way ahead of their time, form taste, and become the source of new things. Today we head to the Berlin Philharmonic and the new direction it has taken under Kirill Petrenko. 

A boat story

There is something particularly charming about the Greek public transport by sea. The long journey on a boat, making stops at different islands before reaching your final destination, always brings surprises and interesting travel companions. Today we talk about our favourite ferry line that connects the Dodecanese Islands with Rhodes as a starting point.

2020 - Welcome!

MA is going into the new 2020 with the ambition of offering you many musical journeys. And because we are firm believers that everything keeps changing, that art doesn’t tolerate repetitiveness and clichés for too long — like a winter sea, generating power outside the season — power for a new life. That is why during 2020 we will keep bringing to you the new, the different, and the creative. Happy New Year!

The new music of 2019

We send off the complicated 2019 and take a look back. During the long holiday days and evenings, we will only be listening to music that came out this year. A year, during which certain processes took full speed and the new music, came to light. A year, during which three of the projects we wrote about have received a Grammy nomination; a year, during which the new wave is a fact.  And so it begins, 2019 through our eyes and ears...

Radio Africa

It took many, many years to move towards the modern day Bodhisattva that is Boris Grebenshchikov, also known to his fans as BG. He could be described in many different ways, but today we will be discussing just one of his albums — “Radio Africa”. An album that turned 35, but is just as vibrant, up-to-date, and new.  An album, recorded with the help of a couple of bottles of vodka.

The circle of life

Today we talk about the circle of life. Alternatively, how we change our moods, habits, way of life through the seasons. Full-blooded circle of life.  Today showcased with a piece each. Real contemporary seasons. In the company of real virtuosos — all of them.