Sunny Day


Despite the delayed spring, sunny days are happening in the south. On one of these days, the sky and sea sparkle, boats glide in the water, we all go out for the traditional coastal walk and enjoy the warmth. On such a day, I meet half-naked people and people in puffers along the way. Tourists and locals, workers and athletes. The new Argonauts float in the sea, loaded with tourists who stand out sharply with their life jackets around their necks. A little further, into the bay, another vessel from the new Argo’s flotilla has hoisted a red spinnaker and is somehow transporting its passengers back to those times. 


Right on the strip of sand that greets the waves, poppies have burst into bloom, and the first swimming dogs are not afraid to taste the sea water. As well as some of the locals, the so-called "winter swimmers”.


All of us, charged with enthusiasm for the long warm days ahead, are tidying up terraces and gardens, pulling out flowers and plants, fertilizing and digging. To make it beautiful. Every place touched by human hands somehow lights up and sparkles. The result is already there and the surroundings are bursting with colours and shades.


Meanwhile the local radio, whose good taste we have acknowledged, serves up an incredible mix of heart-tugging music by Ilhan Ersahin and Norah Jones from the days of „Angels“, followed by Ennio Morricone's timeless piece „The Sicilian Clan“, and to finish, one of the iconic pieces by our old favourites Oi Va Voi.


April 2023
Image © MA