Time for healing


Another recently released album caught our attention and today we are listening to and talking about the latest project of the Chicago percussionist Kahil El’Zabar "A Time for Healing", released this February by Spiritmuse Records.

El’Zabar’s name has been present in big music for almost four decades as a symbol of one of the pioneers in the avant-guard music. And in this latest project, he continues to mix styles with a strong afro-beat sound and use all sorts of percussion and percussion instruments.

The message, which bears the name of the album and the first song has the same name, fully responds to the current state of affairs - especially in spiritual terms. On the other hand, they ask the question: "How to cure the sick modern society?" And he somehow points out the answer - through music and going back to the roots. The plays follow one another like a spiral that superimposes and adds layer after layer of emotions, thoughts and hope.

An invisible hypnotic note runs throughout the album, and as if in a trance, we travel through places and states driven by positivism and hope. The album also has two references to classical jazz works -"Resolution" takes us back to John Coltrane and for the finale, we listen to a version of the Gershwin classic “Summertime".

Corey Wilkes on trumpet contributes to the extremely warm and refined sound of the album, with Justin Dillard on keyboards and Isaiah Collier on saxophones.

You will find "A Time for Healing“ on digital platforms.


February 2022
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