Life on water can introduce you to people handing out freshly caught edible sea urchins or homemade mead. You never know… When talking to a person who lives near water, they always look unrealistically positive and busy at the same time. The dynamics of the moment does not allow for any down time, but at the same time, the poetry is all there. The sudden change is a lifestyle on its own and that’s the beauty of it, yes…

Once upon a time on the island of K

Getting to K. is a journey on its own, but the real adventure starts there. On the way to K., on another island that starts with K., the people asked: “Why are you going to K.? – there’s nothing there!”. Exactly – nothing. Nothing that concerns the civilization.

About freedom and choices

The world puzzle does not tolerate abandoned passengers at abandoned stations. We all collectively move ahead and let’s see what comes out of it in the end. We start with a small step and move forward. Today with the voice and guitar of Souad Massi.

Julian Lage on guitar

This text could easily start off with an unlawful quote form Kundera’s “The unbearable lightness of being”, but we will not do that, and we will not even go as far as saying “To play is like to breathe”, what we will do is dive deep into some facts about the world of Julian Lage – today’s topic.

2018 musically

Somehow, going from full moon to full moon, it is now December. And I kept asking myself "What did we hear in 2018?" – bravery and new ideas for sure. Risk and challenges. And music is all around us. Happy Holidays!

Mediterranean tales

While winter has already come to the northern hemisphere, we board our boat and embark on a Mediterranean journey, through music, that charges us with sun, warmth and cosiness. This week we are going around the Mediterranean and we somehow manage to forget that it’s currently December…