GoGo Penguin with a new album

GoGo Penguin - also known as the equivalent to Radiohead in British jazz. They were participants in this year’s Tokyo jazz fest. As serious as ever, they greeted everyone, and said they are excited about the upcoming live shows.

And we can’t wait until June 6th - they day, when their new album GoGo Penguin comes out. Today we share the four videos, that have so far been made available from the upcoming album.

Once again, we split the story in two - people, that have gone to one of their live shows, and those who still haven’t, because the boys from Manchester are known for their perfectionism. The game with the instruments that they know so well. The depth and the attention. 

We really like exactly this British accuracy in the performance. Because for the Brits being perfect is everything. And when you have ideas - it works out. That’s how it is with the leading British jazz bands Get the Blessing and Phronesis, as well as with GoGo Penguin. 

You will find no spilled energy here - just concentration. 

In the meantime we enjoy some snippets from the upcoming album. With the currently available four songs, with the attention falling on Kora - a poetic song, that reminds us why we like them so much. 

A little refresher on the story of the three guys from Manchester - Chris Illingworth on the piano, Nick Blacka on the bass, and Rob Turner on drums formed the trio back in 2012 and came out with the album Fanfares. In 2014 their second album V2.0 came out. In 2015 they joined the Blue Note family, and the following year they released Man Made Object, which was ranked as one of the best jazz albums of 2016. In 2018 their fourth album, A Humdrum Star came out. 

We combine electronic with classical music, and we listen to GoGo Penguin. Sounds way closer to Bjork, Aphex Twin, and Massive Attack, but played entirely acoustically, masterfully, innovatively, and with incredible concentration. And we dive deep into this new, live poetry. 

Back to the people that have witnessed their performances live - we are looking forward to every new opportunity we get to see them live, because all of us that have already attended one of their gigs know how magical that feeling is. 

GoGo Penguin offer us four live performances from their upcoming album. 

We start things off with the new favourite Kora.

Followed by the remaining three pieces: 

F Maj Pixie

Don't Go


May 2020 
Photo ©МА