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About music as a journey


A couple of words to start off with.

The idea to create a virtual meeting spot for music and relationships came into our heads years ago in a living room. A group of old friends had gotten together to listen to both new and old things that we found interesting at the time. The idea kept circling around our heads and gradually it started to shape up with listening of another mixed project, where the lines between the genres are blurred and the result is the music of today.
The stories told here have no other purpose but the sharing of knowledge. They are very real and personal experiences, therefore very subjective. They are completely empirical and not pretentious. They are the result of a sudden realisation - music is a journey and one of the ways to reimagine the world, as it is today - an interesting, sudden, sometimes slightly confusing place. Sometimes the treasure is hidden somewhere online, other times it’s waiting for you in a musical shop somewhere across Europe or around the globe: sometimes it’s in Istanbul, other times in San Sebastian, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Vienna, Eindhoven, Moscow, Prague or Berlin; and sometimes - in a tiny bar on a nameless Greek island or around a fire in Marrakech. But the real miracle happens when you realise how connected everything is to each other. There is no us and them. There is no different countries. Everything is alive and happening now.

I have been paying attention to connections for a long time now, and that’s the thing that compliments the search. Behind every corner there’s a new connection, new form, new surprise… Yes, at first knowledge is required, speed and a desire to dive in a required. That’s when you really start hearing music. But it lures you in and gets you hooked. In a good way. Listening is a process - I can say that with certainty now. It could be a very personal journey, if you let it. It can be just a breath, with anticipation of the next one. And right in that very second something could happen that leaves a mark. Like graffiti on a wall.

To conclude things - the aim of this project is not to force personal preferences onto others or to form taste, the aim is to show the process, to bring the dynamic to light. Because music is happening here and now.
And yes, it will be filled with personal stories, because it’s music for travellers. We will travel all around, because nothing stands still. There will be some weird connections, but I sincerely believe they will be funny. Enjoy the listening and reading!
Velislava Georgieva and the MA team

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January 2011 – May 2018
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