2020 - Welcome!

MA is going into the new 2020 with the ambition of offering you many musical journeys. Journeys through the world of new music that gets listened to not as often as better known and already heard of older standards. This new music is the future of jazz in our opinion. It appeared and it keeps happening as a natural process in the evolution and regeneration of the material — from the painfully cliché formats, to newer formats and the new approach towards creating and presenting music — the one of independent musicians and companies, of little clubs, and the artists’ orientation towards live appearances and online sales, as opposed to millions of sales and concerts in massive halls and stadiums, as a way to make money, and gain acknowledgement and inspiration. 

And because we are firm believers that everything keeps changing, that art doesn’t tolerate repetitiveness and clichés for too long — like a winter sea, generating power outside the season — power for a new life. That is why during 2020 we will keep bringing to you the new, the different, and the creative. We keep going, and you should keep spreading the word and sharing. Because everything is personal, it requires participation, and first and foremost — a common understanding, a sense for things, and taste. 

Today we kick off the New Year with Ezra Collective - a new name for us, stemming from the independent London scene. We haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them live yet, but we can confidently say that Ezra Collective are a breath of fresh air, and we are happy that such bands exist in Europe. Young, full of ideas and energy. An ideal example of the music of today. There will only be one link today, from a concert at Ronnie Scott’s - the emblematic London jazz club. And somewhere in there you can also hear Caravan by Duke Ellington. 

We sincerely hope we get to see them live soon, but until then we listen to the albums “You Can’t Steal My Joy” and “Juan Pablo: The Philosopher”, which we bought online (iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp). MA supports independent music. 

Happy New Year! Ezra Collective Live at Ronnie Scott's.

January 2020

Photo ©МА