The circle of life

Today we talk about the circle of life. Alternatively, how we change our moods, habits, way of life through the seasons. 

The beginning of the upcoming winter is always a slightly pessimistic period for all of us. There are small joys — pickled salads, warm, homemade food, a lit up fireplace — total cosines. For club life and live music, this is the right time of the year. The festival season is coming to an end and everyone is concentrated on their projects for the upcoming 3-4 months. Until March. Then together with festivals we also start preparing for spring. Indescribable excitement. 

April brings new life and a lot of work. We will spend time outside, we will do gardening, we will organize. And the musical season isn’t over yet. We are still inside and the small spaces give us the cosiness of direct contact and personal connection. But we are already thinking about going outside. 

Then spring explodes. Everything suddenly turns green. And the mood raises, with no explanation — from the earth. 

The days get longer and summer comes along. With a wide variety of sounds and colours. With a lot of sea and south. But it always goes by so quickly, that at the end you always ask yourself how it is already finished. 

The summer is about frivolousness and festivals. Usually filled with lighter meetings. As if we are all preparing for the next more serious season. The new autumn brings us new meetings and a new dive into seriousness. 

Once again inside, with heightened attention, back to work. 

And before you know it — it is November again and everything is heating up. 

Full-blooded circle of life. 

Today showcased with a piece each. Real contemporary seasons. In the company of real virtuosos — all of them. And yes - each one deserves their own text, but life is a mess, so we will just let you listen to the music. And today the music is breathtaking. 

Spring is Pergamos with Jason Lindner, Panagiotis Andeou, and Jason Tyson.
Summer is The Comet is coming.
Autumn comes with Kokoroko.
And in Winter we stay warm with Shake Stew.

November 2019
Photo ©MA