The new music of 2019

We send off the complicated 2019 and take a look back. During the long holiday days and evenings, we will only be listening to music that came out this year. A year, during which certain processes took full speed and the new music, came to light. A year, during which three of the projects we wrote about have received a Grammy nomination; a year, during which the new wave is a fact. 

And so it begins, 2019 through our eyes and ears:

To kick things off, Jamie Saft, Bobby Previte, and Steve Swallow’s latest project — the album “You don’t know the life” — and yes, we do not know the life… This project breaks everything down and puts together the music again. In a contemporary way, with a sense of humour. But also with depth. It makes our lives flash before our very eyes. With all its turns, the good, and the bad, with a smile, with sorrow... A very personal image for each listener. All our ups and downs. Honest and saturated. 

In February our favourite project by Ilhan Ersahin finally came out Silver. In this world full of old ideas and verses, the musicians offer us a delicate and minimalistic album. In the meantime it is deep and very pure as an idea. Let’s not forget that it is performed by virtuosos with a very deep relationship with the musical language. 

Of course, the now Grammy nominated yellow album by Mark Guiliana Beat music! Beat music! Beat music!. Because the word “pleasure” would not do this album any justice. This is much more. And yes, this is jazz! And jazz is not what it used to be. 

Followed by Julian Lage with his newest album Love Hurts - he plays the guitar in a trio with Dave King on drums and Jorge Roeder on bass. Also a Grammy nominated album. 

The summer is Locomondo and Radio. With an incredible combination between reggae, ska, Caribbean motives, and traditional Greek and Mediterranean music, Locomondo always carry this feeling of ease and lightness, an endless summer and sun. 

And once again it is time for Snarky Puppy Xavi - and their new album “Immigrance” that took them on a world tour. The European leg of the tour kicked off in Ljubljana this June, then went on to Belgrade, where we had the chance to immerse ourselves into their world of improvisation and virtuosity. 

We are also enjoying Jamie Saft’s new project Hidden Corners - Saft once again returns to the acoustic piano, accompanied by the warm sound of the contrabass and Bradley Jones. An incredibly soft and warm sound, that covers us like a blanket. At the same time they are pieces that predisposе us to great thoughts and are full of mysticism. But also pieces, that take us to the world of Miles Davies and John Coltrane. 

In September Iggy Pop blew us up Free - an album that provoked a lot of thoughts about the Iggy Pop of today — somewhere between the punk and the jazz, an album with Jamie Saft, the James Bond song, the album Free, and his BBC 6 radio show - Iggy Confidential. 

Of course, we cannot forget Hiromi Spectrum - a reflection of the storm in our souls. Like a spectre, like all colours of the rainbow, that range between black and white. Joy and warmth for red and orange, positivity for yellow, life for green, melancholy and wisdom for blue and purple, rounding it off with sorrow and struggle with black. 

Joseph Tawadros comes next Betrayal of a Sacred Sunflower. This time Joseph Tawadros combines his oud with a piano, a trombone, string instruments, an electric guitar, and his brother James Tawadros on percussions. As a result, we listen to a mystical, meditative, a very typical for autumn warm and cozy album. Like a contemporary songbook in a medieval minimalistic style, where everything blends. 

The Sarajevo meeting with Shake Stew this autumn left us with the following memory - what two bassists, two drummers, two saxophone players, and a trumpet player (three musicians with wind instruments) can do Gris Gris

To finish things off — the incredible Brian Marsella and company. One perfect example how you can spin the past into today. 

And completely blown away by the perfection we repeat — there is hope. As long as there are people who write such music, books, create such paintings — there is hope! Intersection of Dissections

What a year! And we cannot wait for 2020 and our next meeting with the Berlin Philharmonics live - this time led by Kirill Petrenko. 

Traditional advice - listen to music on headphones or with a good sound system.

Happy Holidays!

December 2019

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